UK Makes Quarantine Exemption for Senior Executives

In an update on June 29, the UK Home Office announced that individuals who are a senior executive in a business undertaking activities which are likely to be of significant economic benefit to the UK may leave quarantine early. These individuals are exempt only when they are undertaking activities that qualify for the exemption, at all other times they should self-isolate.

What to Expect
  • Business travelers who wish to take advantage of this exemption must have written confirmation of their eligibility from the government. Travelers must notify the UK Home Office of their plans before traveling.
  • Travelers will need to take a COVID-19 test and book tests to take after arrival in England if staying in England for more than 2 days.
  • All travelers to the UK must complete the passenger locator form.


Who is Exempt

Certain senior executives that are performing activities that would bring ‘significant economic benefit’ to the UK

  • Senior Executives are defined as:
    • multinational executives, executives based overseas who are part of multinational firms and visiting their UK based subsidiaries or branches
    • international executives, executives of overseas companies normally based overseas who are seeking to undertake exempt activity in England related to either making a financial investment in a UK based business or establishing a new business within the UK


  • Significant Economic Benefit is defined as: work that has a greater than 50% chance of creating or preserving at least 500 UK-based jobs in either an existing UK-based business that has at least 500 employees or a new UK business to start up within 2 years of arrival.


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