Israelis Can Apply Online for a 5-Year Passport

Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority has announced a new service to empower applicants to order biometric documents (a passport or identity card) online, without visiting a Population and Immigration office.

Key Details
  • The passport is a biometric passport valid for five years.
  • A passport issued or renewed using the online system will not be usable to obtain a visa waiver for entry into the US, as this requires a passport valid for ten years.
  • The online application is available to Israeli citizens aged 18 and over who are present in Israel when they submit their applications and have already registered biometric data at the Population and Immigration Authority.
  • Changes in passport details will not be possible.
  • Individual family members must submit their own application.
Erickson Insights & Analysis

The online application process should help to shorten queues at Population and Immigration offices for those who do need in person appointments. Online applications can be made via the Population and Immigration Authority website.

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