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When Erickson Immigration Group is your immigration and workforce mobility partner, we’re part of your team. We set timelines and deadlines, and clearly communicate expectations and requirements. We coordinate with your employees, follow up so nothing slips through the cracks, and stay ahead of renewals and registrations for you. Most importantly, everyone remains in good standing. We loop in your internal teams and supporting vendors so that every part of the immigration process moves forward as planned. Lastly, we serve all of this information in an easy to navigate, customizable dashboard.

Your Erickson Immigration Group team reviews all invoices before they come to your inbox, and can centralize global billing for you. With our global immigration program, you have one consistent point of contact who will guide all of your immigration matters, from filing, to billing, to completion.

Erickson Immigration Group always has a plan A… and a plan B to Z. We know the immigration landscape is shifting often, so we work with external government affairs groups to guide legislation domestically and globally. We provide specific and actionable guidance and develop an immigration strategy to anticipate solutions, whether they’re for a restrictive H-1B lottery program or extended green card timelines. Further, as policies and procedures change around the world, you’re our first call. We provide guidance on how external factors beyond your control may impact your internal program, and recommend a path forward for use with your HR and business leadership teams.

We know things change a lot. We also know that for your foreign nationals, these changes can be stressful and unsettling. Your Erickson Immigration Group team supports you, so you can support them. We keep recruiters and managers up to date with regular trainings on immigration so the mobility team does not have to keep explaining the immigration landscape to them. We also provide resources, one-pagers, webinars, our weekly podcast, regular updates, and, when necessary, alerts, because you should always have answers and be confident about the direction of your program.

Erickson Immigration Group partners with you, we’re not successful and satisfied until you are. As your company grows, including through mergers and acquisitions, we will support your team though transitioning and onboarding new foreign national employees. We make corporate notifications, conduct 1:1 sessions with new employees, recruiters, and managers to help them transition with ease. Part of our approach is looking out for what’s coming, so you’re always prepared. We work with your team to coordinate employment law matters, and if a situation arises we have an expansive network of resources and nearly three decades and experience for you to lean on.