Italy Updates Immigration Law

The Italian government has issued changes to Italian Immigration Law (Legislative Decree 286/98), facilitating the immigration process. The Law Decree 20/2023 was published on March 10, 2023, and will now have a 60-day period before it goes into effect.

Changes to be implemented into Italian Immigration Law include:

  • Foreign nationals who have entered Italy with a work visa will be able to start working even if they are still waiting to execute the contract of stay at the local Immigration Office;
  • Residence permits for work and family reasons will have a 3-year duration (instead of a maximum of 2 years) even upon renewal;
  • The quota mechanism will be regulated by a quota decree (“decreto flussi”) which will be issued every 3 years instead of on a yearly basis;
  • The conversion of study residence permits into work ones will be possible without any limitation related to quotas and even for students who are not graduating in Italy;
  • Sanctions and punishments for those who violate the law in relation to illegal migration and trafficking of humans have been increased and strengthened, and further restrictions have been introduced in relation to the rules applicable to special protection permits.
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