Germany’s New Provisions for Skilled Workers Now in Force

The second stage of the Skilled Immigration Act came into force in Germany on March 1, 2024.  The first stage of the new regulations came into force in November 2023. The third stage, from June 2024, will include the introduction of a job search opportunity card.

The recently effected second stage includes the following provisions:

  • Skilled workers with practical work experience: Workers with two years’ practical experience in non-regulated careers are now able to work in Germany without needing to get official recognition for their qualifications. They only need to hold a degree or similar vocational qualification recognised by the country where the qualification was awarded. The vocational training must have lasted at least two years. Certain qualifications from German Chambers of Commerce Abroad may be valid.
  • Nurses and carers from non-EU states: In the future, people who have trained as nursing assistants for only one or two years will be able to take on permanent jobs in the healthcare system in Germany. This was previously only possible for nurses who had completed three years of training. The condition for this is that applicants have trained as a nurse/nursing assistant in Germany or hold a foreign nursing qualification which is recognised in Germany.
  • Residence for recognition of foreign vocational qualifications: In regulated professions such as nursing and education, skilled workers will still be able to travel to Germany before their vocational qualification has been officially recognized. This opportunity is now being widened to other groups. To take advantage of the new rules, the skilled worker and their employer enter into a “recognition partnership.” The requirement for this is that the skilled worker holds a state-recognized vocational qualification (of at least two years’ duration) from their country of origin, or a university degree. The skilled worker also needs German language skills. Further information on how foreign vocational qualifications are recognized can be found here.
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