Germany Updates Risk Areas

Germany has updated its designation for India, Nepal, Portugal, Russia, and the UK. Formerly classified as a virus variants area, they will now be “high incidence areas.”

From Wednesday, July 7 at midnight, changes of status for the “high incidence areas” will go into effect.

What to Expect for Travelers

Travelers who have been in one of the risk areas in the last 10 days before entering Germany must observe certain rules.

  • Obligation to register: Travelers who have previously stayed in a risk area must fill out the digital entry registration.
  • Obligation to provide evidence: Travelers who have previously stayed in a high-incidence or virus variant area must have a negative test certificate with them upon entry.
    • In the case of previous stays in a high incidence area, proof of vaccination or convalescence can also be presented.
    • In the case of previous stays in a simple risk area, travelers must have a negative test result, a vaccination, or a recovery certificate no later than 48 hours after entry.
  • Obligation to quarantine: People who have stayed in a risk area must go home (or to their accommodation) immediately after arrival and isolate themselves for ten days.
    • In the case of previous stays in a virus variant area, the isolation period is fourteen days.
  • Ending the quarantine: The home quarantine can be ended prematurely or does not have to be started if proof of recovery, a vaccination certificate, or a negative test certificate is transmitted via the entry portal.
    • After a previous stay in high-incidence areas, testing can be carried out five days after entry.
    • After staying in virus variant areas, the quarantine lasts 14 days, and early termination of the quarantine is not possible.


When entering from so-called virus variant areas, there is a ban on passenger transport by train, bus, ship, and flight from these countries.

All travelers arriving in Germany by plane must present the carrier with a negative test result, proof of vaccination, or recovery before departure.


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