CEOs and Deans From Top Business Schools Urge President Trump and Congress to Reform U.S. Immigration System

On October 15, CEOs and Deans from the top business schools in the country wrote a letter addressed to the President and members of Congress, asking them to reform the U.S. Immigration system to meet the country’s need for highly skilled employees in the STEM field. The letter emphasizes the authors’ concern that the current U.S. Immigration system is capping America’s growth and ability to compete globally. The letter urges the President to remove the “per country” Immigrant Visa caps and reform the H-1B visa lottery system to increase the possibility that highly skilled individuals will gain entry into the U.S. and obtain permanent residency, allowing them to  contribute to the U.S. economy by filling open STEM positions and passing their knowledge on to other highly skilled individuals. Additionally, the Deans recommend creating a “heartland visa,” which would encourage immigration to the regions of the United States that have the most need for such highly-skilled individuals.