White House May Make E-Verify Mandatory as Part of Immigration Reform

As the White House develops its immigration system reform, those familiar with the plans indicate that including a mandatory nationwide E-Verify may be part of the proposal. Currently, E-Verify is a mostly voluntary system to allow businesses to check on the work authorization of their employees. Making the system mandatory is a high priority for those who favor stricter enforcement as a way to discourage illegal immigration.

A mandatory E-Verify system was part of President Trump’s immigration platform as a candidate, but he and his administration have not emphasized it since then.

The plan, shared by White House advisor Jared Kushner with Republican senators this week, would increase skill-based immigration and reduce family-based immigration. The total number of admitted immigrations would stay approximately the same, but the basis for approval would change.

According to those familiar with the draft plan, it would also end the diversity visa lottery and reallocate those 50,000 visas currently for people from countries with low rates of immigration to the U.S. to employment-based applicants.

Currently, only 14% of the 1 million lawful permanent residents admitted each year come through an employment category.