USCIS Releases Data Regarding U.S. Employers Petitioning for H-1B Visas Since Fiscal Year 2009

USCIS launched the “H-1B Employer Data Hub” on April 1, 2019, which allows the public to search and view data on the H-1B program, including which U.S. employers are using the H-1B program and approval/denial rates on such petitions. The program was created by USCIS in an effort to increase transparency on the H-1B program. The Hub includes data from FY2009 to present and is based on the initial decision by USCIS, not including data on appellate decisions. There will be quarterly and annual updates to the Hub. The Hub allows the public to search by various fields such as fiscal year, NAICS code, employer name, city, state, or zip code. USCIS has also published a guide to using the Hub, which includes a glossary of common terminology.