US Embassy in Mexico Allows Limited Rescheduling of Appointments

The US Embassy in Mexico City launched a program on March 20, 2024 for first-time visitor visa (B1/B2) applicants to move their appointments to an earlier date with no additional fee, which will reduce the wait time for hundreds of thousands of applicants.

What to Expect
  • Throughout 2024, new earlier appointment slots will be opened and offered at no cost to certain Mexican visitor visa applicants who have an existing visitor visa appointment in 2025 or later.
  • If eligible and selected, applicants will receive an email notification with instructions on how to reschedule to an earlier appointment date.
  • Legitimate offers to reschedule to an earlier appointment will come directly from the online appointment website via
  • If offered the opportunity to reschedule to an earlier appointment date and the appointment system does not show availability, applicants should periodically check back as appointments specifically for those selected will be continuously added throughout the year.
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