UK Immigration Fee Increases Announced

The UK government has announced substantial increases in immigration fees, as part of its plan to fund pay increases for public sector workers.

By the Numbers
  • The immigration health surcharge for workers staying for at least six months and for foreign national family members will be increased from £624 to £1035 per year.
  • The rate for students, children and holders of youth mobility visas will be increased from £470 to £776 per year.
  • The fees for work and visit visas will increase by 15%.
  • The fees for student visas, certificates of sponsorship, entry clearance and leave to remain applications will increase by at least 20%.

Additionally, the Minister for Immigration has proposed further changes to the rules for setting immigration fees, including:

  • setting a power to charge a fee for an electronic travel authorization, or ETA, and set the maximum fee that can be charged for an application;
  • increasing the maximum fee that can be set for visa visits, certain applications for entry clearance and leave-to-remain visas, certain nationality products and services, and priority services;
  • introducing a power to charge a fee for a contact-point meeting with endorsing bodies on the innovator founder route, and setting the maximum fee that can be charged;
  • introducing a power to charge a fee for the new “sponsor a worker” function;
  • removing the fee for biometric enrolment (currently £19.20), for transfer of conditions (currently (£161) and for the replacement and amendment of biometric documents in certain circumstances.
Erickson Insights

The government has not announced any dates for the implementation of the new fees or for the proposed fee rules.

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