UK Announces Upcoming Changes to the EU Settlement Scheme

On May 21, 2024, the Home Office announced further changes to pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS). The Home Office has announced that it will increase the duration of pre-settled status extensions from two to five years, and will also remove the pre-settled status expiry date from the digital profiles shown to third parties in the online checking services for Right to Work, Right to Rent and View and Prove.

  • The changes support the Home Office’s practical implementation of the High Court judgment in the judicial review proceedings brought by the Independent Monitoring Authority for the Citizens’ Rights Agreements (IMA).
  • In response to that judgment, in July 2023 the Home Office confirmed that, from September 2023, people with pre-settled status under the EUSS would automatically have their status extended by two years before it expires if they have not obtained settled status.

Alongside this change, employers, landlords and letting agents will not be required to conduct a further right to work or rent check where the individual remains in their employment or as part of that tenancy agreement.

In July 2023, the Home Office stated that it would automatically convert as many eligible pre-settled status holders as possible to settled status once they are eligible for it, without them needing to make an application. This is not mentioned in the most recent announcement.

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