UAE | Government Announces Visa Updates

The UAE Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security (ICP) released a resolution clarifying visa regulations for foreign nationals in the country.

Key Highlights
  • Lost Passport/ID: Expats who have lost their passport to enter the country must submit an entry request through the smart services platform.
  • Tourism Visas: the sponsor or host must be a tourism-related entity in the accredited facility card system and provide tourism programming.
  • Border Ports & Entry Visas: Foreigners can obtain an entry visa at the land entry ports valid for 90-days. Visa holders can enter the UAE multiple times and stay each time for no more than 48 hours.
  • Visit Visas: A visit visa has varying entry rules as determined by the issuing entity; however, the maximum stay is always no more than 180 days. To be eligible for the visit visa, the visitor must be a friend or family member of a UAE citizen or close relative of an expat living in the UAE and working in a job classified as first or second level.
  • Entry visas to the UAE are valid for 60 days from the date of issuance and permit the holder to stay in the country in accordance with the type of visa issued.
  • Sponsoring in the UAE: The foreign national must be related to a UAE resident or their spouse as a close relation. A sponsor can bring up to 5 individuals provided their monthly income is at least AED10,000, or up to 6 individuals with a monthly income requirement of AED15,000.

Related to the visa regulations, there are overstay exemptions for certain groups.

  • Certain individuals are exempt from having their residence visa canceled if they stay outside the country for more than 180 days: golden visa holders, green visa holders, their families, and those granted an exemption.
  • Holders of golden and green visas and their families, foreign widows, divorcees residing in the UAE, post-graduate students, and relatives of Emiratis or foreign passport holders may stay in the UAE for 180 days after the expiration or cancellation of their residence permit.
  • Skilled professionals from the first, second, and third levels and property owners may stay in the UAE for 90 days after the expiration or cancellation of their visa.
  • Visa holders who are sponsored or hosted are allowed to stay for 60 days; all other categories are permitted to stay for 30 days.


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