Turkey Suspends All Non-Immigrant Visa Services to U.S. Citizens

The U.S. Embassy in Turkey released a statement on Twitter on Sunday, immediately halting processing of non-immigrant visas in Turkey, stating that it needed to “reassess the commitment of the government of Turkey to the security of U.S. Mission facilities and personnel”. In retaliation, Turkey announced on Sunday evening that effective immediately, it will suspend all non-immigrant visa services, including applications for visa stamps in-person, e-visas, and border visas, for U.S. Citizens.

While previously issued U.S. visa stamps for Turkish citizens will remain valid (they will not be immediately revoked), it is unclear at this moment if the Turkish government will immediately revoke existing/already issued visas for U.S. citizens traveling to Turkey.

EIG Recommendation:
U.S. citizens with travel plans (business or personal) to Turkey, should postpone their travels until further information is made available. EIG attorneys are closely monitoring developments regarding the Turkey/U.S. non-immigrant visa suspension and will provide timely updates as additional information is made available.

For URGENT travel questions while U.S. Citizens are in transit, they may contact the EIG’s Travel Hotline: 1-877-EIG-LAW1 (1-877-344-5291). For all other questions not answered above, please email global@eiglaw.com.