Trump Administration Issues Policy to Limit Visa Length for Chinese Travelers

On Thursday, the Trump Administration issued new rules to restrict travel to the US from China for members of China’s Communist Party and families. The policy would significantly reduce the length of the B-1 and B-2 non-immigrant business and tourist visas from 10 years to 1 month. US Immigration officials can collect party status in the application and interview process.

The administration promotes this policy change as a way to protect the US from the Communist party’s “malign influence” and said that party members come to the US to “unabashedly monitor, threaten, and report on Chinese nationals and Chinese-American groups.”

The Chinese foreign ministry has denounced the accusations and the policy change.

The existing COVID-related ban on travelers from China has meant a sharp decrease in total Chinese travelers to the US. According to the State Department, only 61 B-1/B-2 visas were issued in October 2020, whereas 60,000 were issued in October 2019.