Switzerland | Expanded Access of the EasyGov Online Desk

As of December 15, Switzerland’s online desk for immigration services, EasyGov.swiss, has expanded access to include the following notification and application processes:

  • Notification of gainful employment of temporarily admitted foreign nationals (F permit) or recognized refugees (B permit) in all 26 cantons.
  • Cross-border commuter permits for EU/EFTA nationals (G permit) in the pilot cantons of Thurgau and Zurich. The cantons of St Gallen and Aargau will follow in spring 2023.
  • Work permits for employment with Swiss employers for third-country nationals in the canton of Thurgau. (Short stay permit up to 4 months/120 days, L permit or B permit)

Additional categories of work permits will be introduced in the next few years. The long-term objective is simplifying the processes for submitting reports and obtaining permits in all 26 cantons.

Erickson Insights

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