Swedish Government Proposal for Labour Migration

Sweden’s migration minister has received a report commissioned by the government, which proposes tighter conditions for labour migration.

Among the proposals being considered by the government are the following:

  • A new minimum salary requirement for non-EU workers. The report proposes that this should be set at the median national salary (currently SEK 34,200). The maintenance salary was increased in November 2023 from SEK 13,000 to SEK 27,360 (80% of the median salary).
  • Exceptions to the median salary rule. Exceptions could be made for certain occupations or regions with more acute labour shortages, and for new graduates.
  • Changes for highly qualified workers. The report proposes changes to facilitate EU blue card and intra-company transfer permit holders.
  • Exclusion of certain professions. it is proposed that the Swedish Migration Agency should annually inform the government about professions where abuse of the regulatory system is so great that the professions should be excluded from the possibility of being granted a work permit.

The changes to the immigration law are proposed to enter into force on June 1, 2025.

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