South Korea Extends Validity of the K-ETA

Effective July 3, 2023, the Korean government will extend the validity period of the Korea Electronic Travel Authorisation (K-ETA) and exempt certain age groups from the K-ETA requirement.

  • The validity of K-ETA will be expanded from two years to three years.
  • Travellers aged 17 years old and under, and 65 years and above, will no longer be required to obtain a K-ETA. However, those who wish to receive the of from K-ETA, such as not having to submit an arrival card upon entry, may apply for K-ETA, and in this case, the application fee (10,000KRW) will be charged.

K-ETA eligible nationals who wish to enter South Korea visa-free must obtain K-ETA approval before boarding the flight or ship. Approval processing can take up to 72 hours. K-ETA holders are not required to submit an arrival card on entry.

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