Premium Processing Resumes for FY2019 H-1B CAP Cases

Update: Starting Monday, January 28, premium processing will become available for pending FY2019 H-1B CAP cases. Premium Processing requests can be submitted for cases currently pending USCIS action. Petitioners who have received an RFE can submit a request for premium processing along with the RFE response.

Simple extensions of H-1B status without changes in employment are also eligible for Premium Processing, as they have been throughout the past year.

Next Step: EIG will be contacting clients with information about cases eligible for upgrades and will be following up with HR and Global Mobility teams regarding eligible employees.

Still suspended for some case types: The Premium Processing suspension remains in place for H-1B change of employment petitions.

In other news: The US partial-government shutdown is expected to end this weekend after lawmakers reached a deal in Washington. Both houses of Congress are expected to pass funding bills Friday, which the President is expected to sign.