Potential Government Shutdown

As the 115th United States Congress draws to a close, there is no legislation currently in place to prevent a partial shutdown of the United States Government on December 21, 2018. Funding for government operations has not been secured by current Congressional leaders, as President Trump requests that $5 billion be allocated for work on border wall construction between the US and Mexico. The President has previously stated that he is willing to shut down the United States Government on this matter.

A partial government shutdown would result in certain government agencies and departments ceasing operations after December 21. These agencies include the Departments of the Interior, Justice, Homeland Security, State, Agriculture, and Housing and Urban Development, among others. While other government agencies and departments will be funded through September 2019 via appropriations legislation.

A partial government shutdown would not impede holiday travel or mail delivery, as the Transportation Security Administration and the United States Postal Service will still be operating. USCIS would also remain operational as it is entirely funded by fees, but the Department of Labor would shut down. EIG is responding by filing all potentially affected PERM and LCA documents in advance of December 21.

As the deadline date draws closer, Congressional leaders and President Trump have expressed a desire to avert a shutdown.