Poland Increases National Visa Fee

Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that, effective June 1, 2024, the fee for a national visa application (D-type) as well as the fee for reconsideration of an application for a national visa will increase. The new national visa fee will be 135 EUR.

  • Impact of the Changes
  • The visa fee increase is a consequence of the entry into force of the regulation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of May 21, 2024, amending the regulation on consular fees.
  • The Schengen (C-type) visa application fee, as well as the fee for reconsideration of an application for a Schengen visa, remain unchanged for now.
  • The Ministry states that the visa fee increase is intended to contribute to expanding availability of slots for foreign nationals applying for the national Polish visa for the first time. The new national visa fee is also associated with a highly possible Schengen visa fee increase in 2024 (from EUR 80 to EUR 90).
  • The new national visa fee is expected to result in a decreased number of applicants whose actual purpose of stay in Poland differs from the declared one.

The distinction in the Schengen and national visa fees is justified by a wider range of privileges associated with the national visa (a longer period of stay and the simultaneous possibility of travelling within the Schengen area).

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