Poland Expands Temporary Protection Benefits for Ukraine

On March 26, 2022, the Government of Poland announced changes to the implementation of the Temporary Protection Directive and to whom the special bill will apply. In Poland, TPD will be available to the following:

  1. Persons fleeing the war in Ukraine who enter Poland directly AND indirectly. Foreigners who have already come to Poland via another country will now be able to start work on the basis of a simplified procedure, obtain a PESEL in a special procedure, receive social benefits or register a business;
  2. Persons who were temporarily outside Ukraine at the time of the outbreak of war (e.g., business trip, vacation);
  3. Ukrainians employed as drivers of international transport will be able to obtain visa stickers for their visas automatically extended by the special bill (extension until December 31, 2022).
  4. Persons who have resided legally in Ukraine on the basis of a valid permanent residence permit and are unable to return to their country of origin in safe conditions or have enjoyed protection in Ukraine (including family members of the latter).

Foreigners who meet the above requirements may obtain a certificate of temporary protection, which is valid until March 4, 2023, with the possibility of extension. In Poland, foreigners entitled to temporary protection may work without a work permit and take up or pursue economic activity, have access to medical care, and social assistance in the form of accommodation and meals or assistance in the form of a financial allowance.

According to earlier announcements, the government will introduce amendments to address problems in the practical application of the special bill.

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