Philippines | Rules for Special and Provisional Work Permits Amended

The Philippines government released new joint immigration guidelines that will add additional requirements to the Special Work Permit (SWP), Provisional Work Permit (PWP), and Alien Employment Permits (AEP). The guidelines specify that SWP will only be issued to foreign nationals without a local employment contract. The PWP will continue to allow work for those working pursuant to an employment contract or waiting for the approval of an Alien Employment Permit (AEP) or 9(g) visa.  However, the PWP will have a six-month cap and will not be renewable. Foreign nationals still waiting for their AEP or 9(g) visa upon the expiration of the PWP will lose work authorization until their AEP or 9(g) visa is approved. According to the Department of Justice (DOJ), the joint guidelines was drafted to clarify the work permits procedures and address the overlap in the areas of responsibility of the agencies and offices as regards the issuance of those permits.