Over 190,000 H-1B Cap Petitions Received for FY2019

USCIS recently announced that it received 190,098 Cap-subject H-1B petitions during this year’s filing period. According to the numbers released by USCIS, of the 190,098 H-1B Cap petitions filed:

  • 95,885 were submitted towards the 20,000 allotted for US advanced degree-holders;

  • 94,213 were submitted towards the standard quota of 65,000.

While this was the sixth consecutive year that USCIS received more than 85,000 H-1B Cap petitions, the total number of petitions filed this year was down compared to the past two years. More specifically, USCIS received 199,000 petitions in 2017 and more than 236,000 in 2016.