News Alert – Travel Ban Remains in Force Despite Challenge

News Alert: Travel Ban Remains in Force Despite Challenge

Travel Ban Update: Still in Force, Hawaii’s Attempt to Block Implementation Fails

Update – Last week, the state of Hawaii attempted to block parts of President Trump’s revised Travel Ban from going into effect. This attempt was made after the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the ban to partially go into effect, and announced it would hear the full case in October. However, the state’s efforts failed. The Travel Ban will remain in force until further action by the Supreme Court.

Hawaii’s Challenge – At the center of Hawaii’s challenge was the administration’s definition of “close familial relationship.” The state requested a temporary halt on the implementation of the Travel Ban while it sought clarification on the meaning of “close familial relationship”, arguing that excluding family members such as grandparents was an inappropriately narrow interpretation of that term. The State’s request was denied by a Federal Judge in Honolulu and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with the Judge, announcing that it did not have jurisdiction to explain the meaning of “close familial relationship” before the Supreme Court fully reviewed and defined the meaning of that term.

EIG will continue to monitor any new developments and challenges to the travel ban and will provide updates as information becomes available.


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