New Zealand’s 2024 Opening Dates for Capped Working Holiday Schemes (WHS)

The government of New Zealand has released the Working Holiday Schemes (WHS) outline for when each scheme will open, as well as how many places are available in each scheme for 2024. The table is linked here>>

Once each scheme opens, applications will be open until the quota is filled. Once the quota is filled, the scheme will close until 2025.

Working holiday schemes that still have places left from 2023 will remain open until the quota is reached. The quota will then reset on the 2024 opening date.

Vietnam Working Holiday Scheme

In 2022, New Zealand and Vietnam agreed changes to increase the Vietnam WHS cap from 100 to 200.

A date for when the scheme will open for 2024 is yet to be confirmed. Work is under way to have formal agreements in place to allow these changes to be implemented.

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