Netherlands | Minimum Wage Requirements Increase in 2023

From January 2023, the minimum wage for Dutch employees will increase by 10.15%, plus an additional increase of 8.05% on top of the adjustment. As a result, the minimum monthly wage for full-time workers will increase from €1,756.20 to €1,934.40.

The minimum wage rule also applies to employees outside the EU who must obtain an employment permit to work in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands employment law does not determine a standard number of hours in the working week. Therefore, the minimum wage does not vary if employers have more or fewer operating hours.

Erickson Insights

The Netherlands’ minimum wage increase is consistent with the wage increases in several other EU countries. Members of the European Parliament also suggest that the minimum wage increase will support gender pay parity, as approximately 60% of minimum wage earners are women.

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