Malta Announces New Pathway for Highly-Skilled Foreign Workers

Effective January 2024, Identità Malta, the government agency responsible for identity and migration management, has introduced a new route for non-EU workers who may not qualify for its existing Key Employee Initiative.

  • The new Specialist Employee Initiative is for foreign nationals with a signed employment contract with a Maltese-registered company for a professional or technical role.
  • Individuals must have an annual salary of at least EUR 25,000 and Malta Qualifications Framework (“MQF”) Level 6, or equivalent, qualifications directly related to the job, or proof of at least three years of experience in a directly related position.
  • Processing time is 15 days.

The existing Key Employee Initiative requires an annual salary of at least EUR 35,000 (up from EUR 30,000 previously); a managerial or highly technical role; and qualifications certified and recognised by the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre. Processing time is five days.

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