Japan Launches Online Passport Renewal

From March 27, 2023, Japan passport holders will be able to apply for passport renewal online through the Mynaportal with their My Number Card.


Passport renewal online is available to those for whom:

  • the remaining validity period of the passport is less than 1 year
  • the blank space of the visa column is 3 pages or less in the double-page spread
  • Individuals who are applying for the first time, whose passport has already expired, or who have changed their name or permanent address on their family register are not eligible for the online application.
Needed Documents

To apply for passport renewal online, applicants should prepare the following in advance:

  • valid passport
  • Applicant’s My Number Card
  • Smartphones that are compatible with the Mynaportal app. A Mynaportal-compatible smartphone is required to read the My Number card and passport during the application process.
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