Israel Foreign Ministry Labor Union to Strike

Israel’s Foreign Ministry Employee’s Labor Union has instructed the missions across the globe to prepare for the imminent return of sanctions, and to proceed with a full strike.

What to Expect
  • The committee’s first step will involve ceasing the issuance of passports to Israeli citizens residing abroad at consulates worldwide.
  • It is anticipated that this decision will cause considerable inconvenience and frustration among affected citizens, potentially impeding their ability to freely move and conduct necessary affairs.
Erickson Insights

Workers within the ministry have long been advocating for improved wages and working conditions, alleging violations of previously signed collective agreements. The workers’ union expressed frustration, highlighting the Finance Ministry’s lack of progress in finding a solution.

Amidst the potential disruption to B-1 work visa issuance, employers should expedite the processing of visas for their employees, particularly in cases where the visa has already been processed and is awaiting issuance at the consulate.

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