Ireland | Modern Updates for Employment Permit System

Ireland will publish a new law to help modernize its Employment Permit system. Specific changes include:

  • An extensive revision of the labour market needs test to make it more relevant and efficient;
  • The introduction of a Seasonal Employment Permit, which will allow for a short-term employment permit for short-stay and recurrent employment situations;
  • Linking salary thresholds to keep in line with wage growth in Ireland;
  • Attaching additional conditions to employment permits, such as training or upskilling;
  • New provisions which will enable subcontractors registered in Ireland to access the employment permit system.
Erickson Insights 

The new bill has been developed in response to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment’s Review of Economic Migration Policy (2018) and the recent increase in demand for Employment Permits to secure suitably skilled people in Ireland.

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