India Issues New Rules for OCI Cardholders

The government is enforcing new rules for Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) cardholders. OCI cardholders seeking to do any of the following will have to first obtain permission from the relevant government authorities:

  • To undertake research
  • To undertake missionary work or mountaineering or any journalistic activities.
  • To undertake internships in any Foreign Diplomatic Missions or Foreign Government Organisations in India.
  • Further, OCI cardholders are not permitted to visit any place which falls within the Protected or Restricted or prohibited areas as notified by the Central Government

Violations of this requirement may result in penalties for the employer (or organization) or employee.

Additionally, OCI Cardholders living in India must email the relevant Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office or Foreigners’ Registration Office if there are changes to their address or occupation.


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