I Moved. What Next? FAQ on Updating Your Address with USCIS

Did you know that 80% of moves happen between May and September? If you’ve recently moved, after the boxes are unpacked you’ll need to update your address. For most people this is just a matter of forwarding mail, but for immigrants, there is an additional step – updating your address with USCIS. In the US, most foreign nationals are required to report address changes within ten days. The best way to report your new address is by filling out theUSCIS address update form. Moving can be complicated and overwhelming, below are some of the questions we’re frequently asked and their answers to make your move easier.

  1. Who needs to update their address?
    USCIS regulations require address updates within ten days of moving from:
    Non-immigrants, whether or not they have a pending case with USCIS
    Green card holders (permanent residents)
  2. I have moved, but I don’t have any cases that are currently pending with USCIS – do I still need to report my change of address?
  3. Why is this important?
    It’s the law. USCIS regulations require address updates. Also, it ensures all future USCIS correspondence is sent to your current address.
  4. How do I update my address?
    The best way to update your address is via the online USCIS form. It is possible to update your address on paper by mail, but this is not recommended as paper submissions submitted by mail are not entered into USCIS’s electronic databases. Similarly, address updates provided to USCIS over the phone may not be connected to your USCIS records.
  1. I have moved, and I have several cases pending with USCIS. What should I do to update my address and ensure it is updated for each pending case?
    You can use the regular online form, but make sure to provide the following information for each pending application or petition:
  • Form number,
  • Form type,
  • Receipt Number,
  • The zip code for where you were living when the application or petition was filed.
  1. Should I keep a copy and confirmation of my address change?
    Yes. When updating your address online, save
  • A screenshot of the online form,
  • A screenshot of the confirmation page, and
  • A copy of the emailed confirmation.

US Citizens who are the petitioner in an active case before USCIS should also update their address.

  1. I am in the US with my spouse and kids. Do I have to update the address for each person?
    Yes. You have to update the address separately with USCIS for every family member, 14 years or older. That means if you move with your spouse and three high school age children, you will have to submit the change of address form 5 times.
  1. I was updating my address and received an error message when trying to submit. What should I do?
    If you experience any issues or receive any error messages, you will have to call USCIS to finish placing the address change, unfortunately. Please reach out to your EIG legal team for assistance if you are unable to reach USCIS Customer Service Representative by phone at: 1-800-375-5283.