Hong Kong Adds the US and 14 Other Countries to High Risk Travel Category

From August 20, the Hong Kong government will upgrade the risk classification for 15 countries from medium to high, requiring extended quarantines for travelers.

Key Highlights
  • Travel from high-risk countries is available only to Hong Kong residents who have stayed in a high-risk place(s) during the past 21 days and have been fully vaccinated and hold a recognized vaccination record.
  • From August 20, Bangladesh, Cambodia, France, Greece, Iran, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States have all been upgraded from medium risk to high risk.
  • Travelers will have to present a recognized vaccination record, negative PCR COVID-19 test taken within the past 72 hours; and confirmation of quarantine reservation.
  • Hong Kong requires travelers from high-risk countries to complete a 21-day quarantine at a designated quarantine facility, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Travelers will have to submit to 6 tests during the 21 day quarantine, self-monitor from day 21-28, and test again on day 26.
Erickson Insights

Hong Kong has maintained some of the most restrictive border and travel policies, and changes in policy follow a recent uptick in travel-based infections.

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