Thailand Targets the “S-Curve” with New Visa Program. 

Effective February 1, Thailand’s SMART Visa now offers a four-year validity to highly-skilled foreign workers, executives, and investors in 10 targeted industries. The Board of Investment program is aimed at improving its “S-Curve” industries, including next-generation automotive works; smart electronics; agriculture and biotechnology; automation and robotics; aviation and logistics; biofuels and biochemicals; and the medical hub. In response to the diversity of industries set to benefit from this program, the SMART visa is broken down into four sub-categories. The first preference is awarded to specialists in scientific fields which have the greatest shortages of workers, while the remaining groups are similar to the US’s EB-5 program, with visas being awarded to investors based on the size of the investment, as well as high profile executives set to work throughout the S-Curve.