Germany’s Dual Citizenship Law Takes Effect June 2024

The German law to modernize nationality law (StARModG), and allow dual citizenship, was announced in the Federal Law Gazette and will come into force on June 26, 2024.

Key Highlights
  • The new law is intended to generally accept dual citizenship in the future, so that the requirement for a retention permit in accordance with Section 25 StAG when acquiring foreign citizenship will no longer apply from June 26, 2024.
  • Anyone who adopts a foreign nationality after this law comes into force can no longer lose their German nationality.
What to Expect
  • Until June 26, 2024, the current law still applies. Individuals who acquire a foreign nationality, will – still – lose their German nationality if they have not been given a retention permit beforehand.
  • For individuals who can wait until June 26, 2024, it will be more economical to submit an application for naturalization in the new country of residence.
  • Due to the continued high processing volume, processing times may be delayed.
Erickson Insights and Analysis

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