Germany Streamlines Document Issuance

Effective November 1, 2023, German citizens can confirm the receipt of the PIN letter for their online ID card via text message. This allows identity cards, passports and electronic residence permits to be picked up at document dispensing machines, if these machines are available onsite. An in-person appointment for the collection of the documents at a government office is then no longer necessary.

With the PIN of their online ID card, individuals can safely access over 200 online services from government authorities and companies from anywhere.

Further changes will be implemented by spring 2025

  • Individuals will receive their PIN letter directly when submitting their application, rather than by post.
  • In addition, on request and for a fee, they can have the requested identification documents sent directly by the manufacturer to their registration address – this also eliminates the appointment for the collection of new identity documents.
  • From May 2025, only digital biometric photographs will be used for new documents. The photographs must be taken either at government offices or by photographers. The biometric photographs will then always comply with international requirements.
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