‘Enter Finland’ Applications for Work-Based Residence Permits to be Updated

The Finnish Immigration Service (Migris) will update the online application forms for work-based residence permits on ‘Enter Finland’ on June 5, 2024, from 17:00 to 23:50 (Finnish time). Enter Finland will be out of service during this update.

Application drafts that have been created before the update but have not been submitted will disappear from the service as a result of the update. Applicants who have a draft that they wish to submit should complete and submit the application before 17.00 on 5 June. Otherwise, they will have to restart and complete the entire application again after the update.

The update concerns the following residence permits:

  • Residence permit for an employed person (‘TTOL’)
  • Residence permit for a specialist
  • EU Blue Card
  • Residence permit for a person who has completed a qualification or degree or conducted research in Finland
  • Residence permit for a researcher
  • Residence permit for internship
  • Residence permit for working holiday
  • Residence permit for work in the top or middle management of a company
  • Residence permit for a specialist, manager or trainee on the basis of intra-corporate transfer (‘ICT residence permit’)
  • Residence permit for a consultant
  • Residence permit for an athlete or a coach
  • Residence permit for work in the field of culture or the arts
  • Residence permit for work in the field of mass media
  • Residence permit application for voluntary work
  • Residence permit for a visiting teacher, lecturer or instructor
  • Residence permit for work in the service of a religious community
  • Residence permit for work in an international organisation or in duties concerning official cooperation between states
  • Residence permit for preparation of a company’s establishment in Finland and for supervision of orders
  • Residence permit for delivery of a machine or system
  • Residence permit for work that is part of an intergovernmental agreement

The update only concerns online application forms via Enter Finland.  Printable paper application forms for these permits will remain unchanged. The update does not affect application processing.

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