EIG US and Global COVID Update | February 9, 2021

With our mission to uncomplicate the complicated, we’ve always thought of our work in immigration as people-first. Our goal is for these updates to make sense of the changes happening across the world. Please share these updates with your colleagues who may find this information helpful, too.


International Updates

Canada | Toronto and surrounding suburbs will extend their current lockdown until February 22. The other 28 regions’ lockdown will end on February 16.

Greece | In a move to boost local tourism, Greece and Israel agreed to ease travel restrictions to Greece for Israelis who have proof of vaccination. Israel is a world-leader in vaccinations; already, a third of the population has received their vaccination. This vaccination pass with Israel is a pilot for Greece, and other countries may follow.

On Sunday, the government announced it would extend the restrictions on domestic and international flights until February 15 and 22. International travelers must provide a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of the arrival, submit to random testing after arriving, and quarantine for seven days. Passengers from the UK will have to test on arrival, and flights from Turkey remain suspended.

Israel | The government has extended the international flight suspension from and to Ben Gurion Airport until February 21, 2021 (at least). The land border crossings with Egypt and Jordan also remain closed.

Spain | The government has extended the land border restrictions with Portugal until March 1.

The UK | As reported last week, Britain now requires hotel quarantines for travelers arriving from the red zones. On Tuesday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said individuals who break the quarantine and travel documentation rules, which go into effect on February 15, could be sent to prison for up to 10 years and fined up to 10,000 pounds ($14,000).