EIG COVID-19 Update | September 4, 2020

With our mission to uncomplicate the complicated, we’ve always thought of our work in immigration as people-first. Our goal is for these updates to make sense of the changes happening across the world. Please share these updates with your colleagues who may find this information helpful, too.

Argentina | On August 30, the government extended the existing coronavirus measures until September 20. The intercity and inter-jurisdictional public transportation continue to be available only for essential activities.
Case Update: 10,933 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/9/4 4:00 PM CEST

Australia | The existing restrictions for international travel and cruise ships has been extended to December 17.
Case Update: 126 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/9/4 4:00 PM CEST

New Zealand | Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will maintain the existing coronavirus measures until at least mid-September.
Case Update: 5 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/9/4 4:00 PM CEST

Norway | The government has added Italy and Slovenia to the list of countries from where travelers will have to quarantine on arrival. Beginning September 5, travelers to Norway from Italy and Slovenia will have to quarantine for 10 days.
Case Update: 164 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/9/4 4:00 PM CEST

Peru | The government announced international flights would resume, and the border will reopen, in a limited capacity, beginning October 1.
Case Update: 6,308 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/9/4 4:00 PM CEST

In this week’s Immigration Nerds podcast, we talk to Dr. Sarah-Soonling Blackburn, an educator and personal development trainer, who focuses on strategies to optimize learning environments with an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusiveness. In Dr. Blackburn’s research on the Asian American experience in the classroom, she stumbled upon the model minority myth. In this conversation, we discuss this stigma, what it means, how it affects the psychology of Asian Americans, and what we can do to further efforts in solidarity with all cultures.

We will continue to send updates daily or as more COVID-19-related news is available. If you have questions about anything we’re reporting above or in past updates or want to hear more about a different topic, just reply to let us know. If you have specific questions, please contact your employer or EIG attorney.