EIG COVID-19 Update | August 12, 2020

With our mission to uncomplicate the complicated, we’ve always thought of our work in immigration as people-first. Our goal is for these emails to make sense of the changes happening across the world. Please share these updates with your colleagues who may find this information helpful, too.

International Updates

Bhutan | The government ordered the first nationwide lockdown on Tuesday.
Case Update: 3 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/8/012 5:00 PM CEST

Colombia | The country’s borders remain closed and all international flights suspended until August 31, 2020. The exception is repatriation/humanitarian flights, which only apply for foreigners who hold Migrant or Resident visas.
Case Update: 10,142 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/8/012 5:00 PM CEST

Germany | The government has extended the regional travel warnings for areas of Spain, adding Madrid and the Basque region.
Case Update: 1,226 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/8/012 5:00 PM CEST

Jordan | The interior minister announced that the border between Jordan and Syria would close for a week beginning Thursday.
Case Update: 15 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/8/012 5:00 PM CEST

Norway | The government is reinstating quarantine requirements for travelers from foreign countries and is advising Norwegians not to travel abroad. From Saturday, travelers from Cyprus, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Malta, Poland, the Netherlands, as well as some Danish and Swedish regions, will be required to quarantine.

“We’re doing this now so that everyone as soon as possible will be able to live their lives as freely as possible,” Prime Minister Erna Solberg told a news conference.
Case Update: 46 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/8/012 5:00 PM CEST

Spain | As of August 8, EU Member States shall gradually lift the temporary restriction on non-essential travels to the EU in relation to third-country residents included in the list hereafter.

The updated list of countries whose residents are exempted from the entry ban is as follows: Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay, and China, which is subjected to the reciprocity principle. Morocco has been deleted from the list.
Case Update: 1,418 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/8/012 5:00 PM CEST

Uzbekistan | From Saturday, the government will lift the lockdown in place for the past month. Case Update: 670 confirmed cases. Last updated: 2020/8/012 5:00 PM CEST

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We will continue to send updates daily or as more COVID-19-related news is available. If you have questions about anything we’re reporting above or in past updates or want to hear more about a different topic, just reply to let us know. If you have specific questions, please contact your employer or EIG attorney.