EIG COVID-19 Update | April 24, 2020

With our mission to uncomplicate the complicated, we’ve always thought of our work in immigration as people-first. Our goal is for these emails to make sense of the changes happening across the world. Please share these updates with your colleagues who may find this information helpful, too.

International Updates

Lebanon | The government is expected to extend the nationwide lockdown until May 10.
Case Update: 8 new cases, 2 daily change, Last updated: 2020/4/24, 8:00 PM CEST

The Philippines | Following nationwide lockdown extensions in the capital and other cities, Philippines’ major airlines are continuing to suspend domestic and international flights through mid-May.
Case Update: 271 new cases, 160 daily change, Last updated: 2020/4/24, 8:00 PM CEST

South Africa | President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the government would begin partially reopening the economy beginning May 1, lowering the lockdown level from 5 to 4. International borders will remain closed, and travel will be permitted only for essential services.

South Africa has had a nationwide shutdown since late March.
Case Update: 318 new cases, 148 daily change, Last updated: 2020/4/24, 8:00 PM CEST

The UK | In a tweet, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab announced that Britain would host a virtual international summit focused on developing a vaccination for the novel-coronavirus.
Case Update: 4,583 new cases, 132 daily change, Last updated: 2020/4/24, 8:00 PM CEST

The US | According to a report in Reuters, the US will begin testing some migrants in detention for COVID-19 before deportation. ICE will have 2,000 tests per month to screen deportees. After reports of migrants arriving with positive cases of the novel-coronavirus, the governments of Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, and Jamaica have requested testing.
Case Update: 29,127 new cases, 5,108 daily change, Last updated: 2020/4/24, 8:00 PM CEST

This week’s Erickson Immigration Group Immigration Nerds podcast reports on President Trump’s executive order proclamation, who will be impacted, and for how long. We’re continuing to share stories at the cross-section of immigration, culture, travel, and, for now, the coronavirus. If you have stories to share, we want to hear from you. 

We will continue to send updates daily or as more COVID-19-related news is available. If you have questions about anything we’re reporting above or in past updates or want to hear more about a different topic, just reply to let us know. If you have specific questions, please contact your employer or EIG attorney.