DHS Publishes Federal Register Notices to Extend TPS for Four Countries

On June 20, DHS posted Federal Register notices to extend TPS designations for El Salvador, Honduras, Nepal, and Nicaragua for 18 months. 

  • The extension for Nicaragua is from Jan. 6, 2024, through July 5, 2025; 
  • Honduras is from January 6, 2024, through July 5, 2025; 
  • Nepal is from Dec. 25, 2023, through June 24, 2025, and 
  • Nicaragua from Jan. 6, 2024, through July 5, 2025

The notices follow DHS Secretary Mayorkas’s announcement on June 13 that rescinds the 2017 and 2018 terminations of the TPS designations for these countries and reinstates the designation for 18 months.

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