DHS Extends TPS Window of Eligibility for Haitian Nationals in the US

Following the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, the Department of Homeland Security has extended the window of eligibility for Haitian nationals and individuals without nationality who last resided in Haiti and currently reside in the United States to apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). The deadline for presence in the United States moved from May 21, 2021 to July 29, 2021.


Key Highlights
  • To be eligible for TPS under this designation, individuals must demonstrate that they have continuously resided in the United States since July 29, 2021.
  • The 18-month designation announced May 22, originally required would-be eligible applicants to be in the United States by May 21, 2021.
  • The registration process will open next week when the Federal Register notice is published. All individuals who want to request TPS under this designation for Haiti must file an application.
  • Individuals applying for Haiti TPS must submit Form I-821, Application for Temporary Protected Status, during the 18-month initial registration period that runs from Aug. 3, 2021, through Feb. 3, 2023. Applicants can also request an Employment Authorization Document by submitting a completed Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, with their Form I-821. Haiti TPS applicants are eligible to file Form I-821 and Form I-765 online.


Who is Eligible?
  • 55,000 current TPS Haiti beneficiaries, whose TPS-related documentation will be automatically extended at least through October 4, 2021. These individuals must file a new application for TPS under this designation to ensure they retain their status.
  • The designation of Haiti for TPS also enables an estimated 100,000 additional individuals to file initial applications if otherwise eligible.