Clarification Provided for Brazil’s New Immigration Law

On November 21, 2017, Brazil introduced a new immigration law containing several regulations which have been published in stages. The Brazil government is still in the process of publishing additional resolutions, while changes to requirements based on published resolutions are in the process of being solidified as policy and implemented across government offices. Visa categorization has been reduced in an effort to streamline and simplify application processes, but requirements for various visa types have been stiffened.

Visitor Visas will now be used for tourism, business, transit, and artists/sports/journalism activity. Temporary work visas will be available for qualifying workers with both a formal job offer or those with a high-level degree wishing to seek a job in Brazil. However, work visa types will require additional proof of qualifications and experience. Those performing short-term technical work during travel to Brazil will now require approval from the Ministry of Labor, and those engaging in technology transfer or professional internal training will require a training plan and approval from the Ministry of Labor. The new law also mandates faster processing times for Residence visa processing and allows a pathway for those on Visitor Visas to Residence. Also included are increased windows for registration after arrival and increased monetary penalties for non-compliance.

As Brazil continues to publish resolutions, implement policy, and train government authorities, delays, and inconsistencies are expected. EIG is closely monitoring this situation and will update as additional clarification is provided.