May 12, 2022

Immigration Nerds is a podcast that started first from an ambitious idea, and within 3 years topped the charts in our category, and quickly became a weekly listen for the immigration industry. A journey, as host and executive producer, I’m personally proud to have embarked upon and watched grow. After this episode, I will be passing on the torch of this flagship podcast that you have all come to enjoy and gain insight from over the years. And to help reflect upon this journey it would be only right to have one of the people daring enough to take a chance on this entire operation, Erickson Immigration Group’s Partner and shareholder Hiba Anver. We discuss the podcast’s concept, development, and accomplishments over the years and how Immigrations nerds will thrive in the next chapter of its iteration. Thank you all for your support over these past years, I am truly grateful – Ian Gaines, Host/Executive Producer