Canada Opens New Immigration Pathways for Skilled Refugees and Others

On Tuesday, June 13, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced the launch of the Federal Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP) Pathway to assist refugees abroad in applying for Permanent Residency to Canada while helping to meet labor shortages.

Key Information
  • The pathway includes two streams, one that requires a job offer and one that does not.
  • Through the Federal EMPP Job Offer Stream, Canadian employers can hire qualified candidates to fill a wide-range of jobs (TEER 0-5).
    • This single step PR application has a target processing time of 6 months and job offers do not require a LMIA.
    • Applicants must meet work experience, language and education requirements based on occupation level.
  • For the Federal EMPP No Job Offer Stream, applicants must have advanced English or French language abilities, recent high-skilled work experience, demonstrated settlement funds, and ECA for foreign education.

In both streams, applicants must also be able to prove their current refugee situation. Those unable to provide one of the accepted documents can requested a “trusted partner referral letter” from one of 3 IRCC-designated partners. Employers can also reach out to these partners if they wish to gain access to this pool of talent.

Erickson Insights

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