Bulgaria Streamlines Employment-Based Visa Application

From June 1, 2021, the applications for work-based visas and residence will be streamlined into one government organization. While the processing may become easier for applicants, there will be stricter document requirements and new deadlines to follow.

Following June 1:

  • Foreign nationals will not have to go to the migration office upon arrival to register and get their residence permit.
    • The single application process will allow EU Blue Card or an intra-company transferee (ICT) work permit applicants to apply for their residence permit at the same time.
    • The migration office will contact the Employment Agency for labor market updates.
  • Upon approval of the work authorization, foreign nationals will need to apply for a D visa within 20 calendar days and a residence permit within 2 weeks upon arrival to Bulgaria.
    • The current expectation for the decision on a residence permit is 3 business days.
  • Document requirements include an official government document proving work experience.
    • ICT applicants must include an original, official document showing the planned work duration.
  • Renewals for the EU Blue Card and the combined work and residence visa must be submitted within 60 days of expiration.

The Bulgarian State Agency for National Security may inquire about where the foreign national is residing while in Bulgaria.