Brexit Update: Delay approved by the EU; Three options now await a decision by Parliament

Update: On March 21, the European Union (EU) member states approved extending the deadline for the United Kingdom’s exit. There are now two possible dates, and three options available that depend on the UK Parliament’s next steps. The BBC infographic below explains the current situation:

  • If Parliament agrees with Prime Minister Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement, then the UK will exit the EU on May 22, before European Parliament elections.
  • If Parliament is not able to agree to a withdrawal deal, then the new deadline for Brexit will be April 12.
  • The final option available to the UK for exiting the EU would be to ask for a longer delay, after participating in European Parliament elections starting on May 23.

Note, the UK will also have to vote to move the Government’s deadline for Brexit to be in line with any agreed upon EU date. EIG will continue to monitor decisions made by the Prime Minister and votes in Parliament.