Biden Administration Releases its Spring Uniform Regulatory Agenda

On Friday, the Biden Administration released its Spring Uniform Regulatory Agenda. The agenda lays out a roadmap of the areas in which the administration plans to issue regulations. The complete list of proposed DHS regulations can be found here.

A proposed rule on H-1B reform outlines the following priorities for the administration:

  • DHS proposes to revise the regulations relating to the “employer-employee relationship”;
  • Implement new requirements and guidelines for site visits, including in connection with petitions filed by H-1B dependent employers and H-1B petitions, where there is indicia of fraud;
  • Provide flexibility on the employment start date listed on the petition (in limited circumstances);
  • Address “cap-gap” issues;
  • Clarify the requirement that an amended or new petition be filed where there are material changes, including by streamlining notification requirements relating to certain worksite changes, among other provisions;
  • Amend regulations governing H-1B specialty occupation workers and F-1 students who are the beneficiaries of timely filed H-1B cap-subject petitions;

This rule is still in the early proposed stages of rulemaking, so these are broad priorities that could change drastically at the final stages. The agenda also includes a rule on premium processing expansion that is in the final state of rulemaking.


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